How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Laptop Screen?

Chris Campbell18 Feb 2022

A laptop is one of our everyday tools for ease and efficiency. However, its value is rendered useless if the screen is destroyed. Even little cracks or traces of broken pixels might lead to a bad user experience.

Laptop displays are quite brittle. Although most modern laptops have an astonishing number of design safeguards to prevent their internal components from shock damages, like a laptop dropping on its screen or is jolted forcefully enough by anything pointed, for example, it may easily incur some sort of damage.

There is a varied screen pricing for each laptop brand on the market. Apart from the brand, the cost of repairing a cracked laptop screen is also entirely dependent on how you want to restore it, either you pay a professional or fit it all on your own.

How Much Does a Laptop Screen Repair Cost?

A damaged laptop screen could happen to anybody. Once the damage has already been done, it may be hard to carry on working, playing, or doing other computer activities until the screen is repaired. Typically, repairing circuits is not free. However, the answer is not as easy as a single round number.

General Costs

If your laptop is still under warranty, repairing the screen would cost you nothing more than bringing it to the manufacturer's service center. If your laptop still has a warranty, it's always a good idea to use it rather than taking it to a repair shop or trying to fix it yourself.

If your warranty has expired, it could be costly. Depending on the make and model of your laptop, repairing a screen with the manufacturer might cost somewhere between $200 and $600. Components, labor, shipment, and tax fees may be charged to the customer. Choosing a reliable repair shop can lower expenses, but they could still be in the $150-$300 range. There are also varying costs for different components.

Costs Depending on the Screen Replacement

The cost of repairing a laptop display varies based on whether the screen is LCD or LED.

An LCD screen is often less expensive than an LED screen, however, if your model is old or difficult to obtain, the cost to replace it may be higher. An LCD screen typically costs between $30 and $100.

LED displays are significantly more costly than LCDs. The cost varies according to the model of the laptop. Replacing traditional LED displays might cost up to $200. However, more expensive versions, like the MacBook, might cost significantly more. You can replace older ones for roughly $250, while newer Apple models can cost up to $750.

Costs Depending on the Laptop Brand

Among all brands, HP laptop screens are the most affordable and readily available. Screens for models that have not yet been released are available for as little as $40. Certain flagship versions may cost as much as $200.

Lenovo has a high market share with a range of laptops that use LEDs, with some older models still using LCDs. The lowest affordable displays cost $60, while the most costly ones cost up to $350.

Dell, another prominent company, maintains its customer satisfaction with its extensive range. The bulk of Dell laptop screens cost between $45 and $80, with certain models having higher-end displays costing up to $250.

Acer laptop screens start at $50 and come in a dizzying array of variants. Several variants are available for around $100, with greater resolutions and bigger screens costing up to $300.

Toshiba may not offer a lot of models like Acer, but it does have a combination of LCD and LED screens ranging in price from $60 to $240.

Mac comes with the heftiest pricing. Displays for previous versions may be acquired for a very low price of $60-$70. More modern MacBook Pro and Air computers come in regular and big display sizes, with prices ranging from $320 to $500. Screens for the most recent models would be significantly more expensive.

How To Repair a Laptop Screen

The expense of repairing a laptop screen on your own is not as great as you may believe. Because there is typically no labor price connected with replacing a damaged laptop screen yourself, it might be less expensive than paying a professional to do it. It will cost you between $40 and $100 to repair your laptop screen on your own.  However, keep in mind that there's always the risk of making things worse.

Let's get started:

  • Verify that only the screen is damaged. Establish that the laptop boots up successfully and that the only problem is with the screen. Connect your laptop to a secondary monitor as a test. If your laptop appears to be in good working order, the damaged laptop screen is most likely all you need to be concerned about.
  • Find the correct screen. One of the major reasons you should know your laptop's model is to ensure that you're getting the proper replacement screen. Take note of the brand and model of your laptop and look for a replacement screen online, such as on Amazon, or go to a computer parts store and buy one there.
  • Remove the damaged screen. Ensure that you got all of the tools required to repair the screen. Remove your laptop's battery and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Repair the screen. You should be able to see where your new screen will go when you remove the old one. Insert it face down into the frame to ensure a precise fit. After that, reconnect the video connector such that it sits precisely where the prior LCD did. Make sure it's as straight as possible before attaching it with an adhesive.
  • Turn the laptop on and do a screen test. Reinsert the battery and reconnect your laptop to a power source. You should now be able to restart your laptop. Check if the screen displays with no issues.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Cracked Laptop Screen?

The price is determined by the laptop's model. Whether the screen has a minor or huge crack, it must be replaced with a functioning one. A touch screen might cost more than a standard screen, but the cost often varies depending on whether you fix it yourself or take your laptop to a repair shop. When you do it yourself, you simply have to pay for the screen. However, if you take it to a professional, you will incur additional fees such as labor.

If your laptop screen has cracks, shows broken pixels, flashes, or is too dark to use comfortably, you don’t have to tolerate it. A screen repair or replacement can be done to save your eyes (and your peace of mind too).

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