How Old Is My Laptop?

Chris Campbell03 Mar 2022

Since consumer technologies are always innovating and software is constantly updated, knowing how old your laptop is might be useful. Though getting a precise year of manufacture might be challenging, whether you're verifying the validity of a warranty, considering whether you should acquire a new and improved model, or simply wondering how old your hardware is, you can identify the age of a laptop in different ways.

Although there is nothing wrong with utilizing an older laptop so long as it meets your needs, the dynamics of current computer systems demand you to bear your laptop's approximate age in mind. There is a chance of power banks, hard disks, and cooling systems failing if your laptop is utilized for high-intensity activities such as video editing, gaming, or data processing. In addition, newer software might not be compatible with older technology, making it even more vital to take note of your laptop's approximate age.

How Can I Tell How Old My Laptop Is?

Whether you need to upgrade or you just need to check the validity of your warranty, there are ways to check how old your laptop might be.

Checking the Serial Number

There may be a serial number label somewhere on your laptop. It would most likely be located on the bottom. Once you've discovered your laptop's serial number, type it into Google, and the manufacturer's website should appear with information on your laptop, which includes an estimated manufacturing date.

Checking the BIOS Version

Running the systeminfo.exe command line will provide a plethora of information about your laptop, which may be used to determine how old it is. This dialog will also inform you of Windows' original install date but this date might be inaccurate because Windows refreshes the install date shown every time a major Windows update is issued. As a result, the better approach to verify using systeminfo.exe is to check the "BIOS Version" column.

Checking CPU Release Date

Another approach to get a general approximation of how old your laptop is is to look at the CPU and see when it was initially made. However, t his approach will not provide you with an exact date of your laptop's age. New CPUs are released every year or so, however some computer makers employ older generation processors in their budget-oriented systems, and there is a chance that the system you purchased stayed on the shelf for an extended period. However, looking at your CPU's initial release date might give you a good idea of how old your laptop is.

Check Date Modified Dates

This is yet another way that isn't foolproof, and it's likely that you'll find stuff in your (C:) disk that is older than your laptop. Here's how to check the folders on your (C:) drive:

  • In the taskbar's "Windows search box," input "file explore" and press "enter."
  • On the left-hand side of File Explorer, select "This PC."
  • Then, double-click the "Local Disk (C:)" icon.
  • Examine the "Date modified" dates that appear after the folders.
  • You can also arrange the oldest entries by hitting the "Date updated" button twice.

How Old Is Too Old for a Laptop?

There is no clear and firm rule about how old is too old for your laptop. In truth, everyone is unique. Laptops as young as two years old may be ready to retire for some, whereas others could keep their laptops working for five years or more. But then how do you know for sure?

Hardware Issues

If you're having hardware issues, such as a faulty screen or motherboard, and your laptop is getting older in years, it might be time to upgrade.


Laptops are subjected to wear and tear over time. After all, they accompany you to a lot of different places. As a result, they are vulnerable to drops or minor scratches and dents. These unlucky events can sometimes cause damage to the chassis, trackpad, or even the screen. If this occurs, you will very certainly be responsible for the repair. However, the repair expense, like that of failing hardware, may not be worth the expense. That money could be better spent on a brand new laptop that is not only damage-free but also faster.

Outdated Software

While software may frequently be updated, there comes a point when those upgrades might be discontinued. Old software versions will be phased out and no longer supported by software companies. One example is when Microsoft decided to stop supporting one of their older operating systems, such as Windows XP.

How Old Is My Dell Laptop?

You might be interested in knowing how old your Dell laptop is. On the Dell website, you may do so in just a few steps. Take note that the "Ship Date" is the same as the "Manufacture Date."

Here's how it works:

  • Close your Dell laptop and turn it upside down. Inspect the service label, which consists of letters and numbers. This is the number that uniquely identifies your system when you call Dell for service and warranty protection. It is generally between 5-7 digits long.
  • Visit Dell Company's help page, Select "Home Users," "Small Businesses," or "Enterprise IT Professionals."
  • Then, select "Warranty Status." Enter your service label and then click "Go." On the screen, you will see all of the information about your laptop, including the ship date, which contains the manufacture date, the model of the laptop, and warranty information.

How Old Is My HP Laptop?

Whether you need to get your laptop fixed and need to check the validity of your warranty, or you want to upgrade your laptop, finding out how old your HP laptop is, is quite easy. All you need is the serial number.

To get this:

  • Retrieve your laptop's serial number. This is usually engraved into the back casing panel. If your laptop still has the sticker towards the back of the tower, you can find the serial number there as well.
  • Among the numerous letters and numbers, check for the year of manufacturing. Most HP serials begin with letters, go through a series of numbers, and conclude with another set of letters. The year of manufacturing will show as 4 successive numbers in the center of the number.
  • Determine the two digits that come after the year of manufacturing. These represent the week in which your laptop was built. For instance,  if your year of production is "2009," preceded by "14," the laptop was built during the 14th week of 2009.

Determining the age of your laptop may be as simple as looking for the serial number, entering it into Google, and identifying when it was built. Or it could be as tough as using other complicated ways to obtain an estimate of when your laptop was originally manufactured.

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