How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

Chris Campbell02 Jun 2022

When you're in the middle of a long gaming session, it's critical to keep your laptop cool. Anyone who has used a gaming laptop understands the significance of cooling the entire system.

Gaming laptops involve high workloads that create heat in the hardware. The laptop's performance may suffer as a result of this overheating. The optimal laptop setup maintains all of its components cool without compromising overall performance. Gaming laptops are designed particularly for high performance. They frequently demand complicated and intensive computing activities.

A gaming laptop's graphics processing chip must work overtime to deliver excellent performance and quality visuals during games. These particular processing components have precise voltage and heat requirements to ensure sustained functioning. If the GPU overheats, it can have a significant impact on the overall performance of the gaming laptop.

How To Keep Laptop Cool While Gaming

Gaming laptops are definitely a blessing of modern technology. They are compact, lightweight, and compress a desktop's equivalent of graphics processing power into a small, easy-to-handle chassis. However, its compactness is also its biggest vulnerability.

Even standard laptops may emit and trap a lot of heat. When you put a strong GPU inside, the issue becomes far worse. After all, hardware manufacturers can only go so far as to keep such a tight unit cool when both the CPU and GPU are under intense demand.

So, how can you prevent your laptop from overheating when gaming? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure that your laptop's cooling system is working correctly, and you can even give it a little more push.

End Unnecessary Programs 

Multitasking is a strength of gaming laptops. You can have multiple windows, tabs, and programs open at the same time. Aside from the programs you use, background processes continue in the background without your knowledge. This is the part to keep an eye out for. Excessive load strains your laptop and causes it to overheat.

Games, especially those with a lot of graphics, consume a lot of CPU power. As a result, once you have a lot of apps open while gaming, the entire system has to work harder to keep everything running. It's quite clear, but we tend to overlook it while we're in the midst of a game session.

Simply type "task manager" into your search box or press "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" or "Win+X" to launch it. This will bring up a window with a list of all active applications and processes. You'll be able to see how much CPU and memory each item consumes. Examine the list and decide which unrelated or unused applications and processes you want to shut down. Tap on the item and select delete, or click the "End Task" button in the lower right corner of the window.

Make this a habit. This practice frees your laptop of unnecessary apps and allows it to perform at its best.

Adjust Gaming Graphic Settings 

Playing on the most extreme settings? For some, sacrificing visual quality and the overall gaming experience when playing their favorite games may be a letdown. However, it can greatly minimize computer stress, particularly if your laptop is towards the end of its processing capabilities.

Locate the settings button in the game before commencing your gameplay sessions. Select the tab Continuing Graphics Settings and set it to low or minimal. Running the game on low graphical settings reduces the likelihood of your laptop overheating.

Clean Your Laptop 

After you've done some inside cleaning, your laptop may benefit from some exterior cleaning as well. Dust particles can accumulate over time and clog the intake and exhaust fans, USB ports, and the spaces between the keypads. One could wipe the surface and exterior of the case, but this is insufficient. You'll need to do more if you want to get rid of the dust in the cracks and crevices and clean the laptop vents.

The best technique to get rid of the dust for good is to clean it from the inside out. Begin by removing the laptop's casing with a screwdriver. Dust off the case and motor with a soft cloth or a small brush. If you're not sure how to accomplish this, bring your laptop to a computer technician.

To reduce dust buildup, it is recommended that you clean your laptop at least once a year. You should be able to hear the motor operating smoothly after cleaning the laptop.

Best Ways To Cool a Gaming Laptop

If you're a serious gamer or a popular live streamer, your laptop will eventually overheat or die down. Overheating can affect your machine's performance as well as its longevity, so you need to do everything you can to keep it cool.

Replace Old Thermal Paste

If you have your laptop open or have taken it for a computer repair, this is an excellent opportunity to reapply thermal paste. The thermal paste acts as a conductor of heat. It facilitates the transport and distribution of heat between the heat sink, GPU, and CPU. The constant usage of your laptop corrodes the paste, making it less effective. Without adequate heat dissipation, one component may retain more heat than the others, causing the entire laptop to overheat.

It is recommended that you reapply thermal paste to the surface of your CPU and graphics card every three or four years.

Purchase a Cooling Pad

If your laptop is continually overheating, you may need to get a cooling pad. Laptop cooling pads are reasonably priced and can help keep your laptop cool.  Laptop cooling pads function by increasing your laptop's air circulation. Airflow is enhanced by having more cooling fans forcing air into the vents, thereby keeping your laptop cool.

Set Your Laptop on a Flat Surface

The placement of your laptop can have an impact on the amount of heat it creates. It would also influence the efficiency of its cooling system. For example, if you set your laptop on the bed, the uneven surface might obstruct the laptop's breathing room. This would hinder the ventilation system from drawing enough air from the surrounding environment to cool the laptop. Similarly, setting it on a hard and flat surface would enable optimal air circulation into or out of the laptop.

Every gamer would like to play the most recent games in the finest visual settings. It's quite discouraging to have a laptop that can't play games the way you want it to. You may have to pick between playing a game at the lowest settings or having a broken machine in your hands eventually. Although your laptop is capable of executing the games you're playing, it may become extremely hot. Not to worry, there are various ways to keep your laptop cool.

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