How To Measure Laptop Size

Chris Campbell10 Feb 2022

The screen size of a laptop varies. Additionally, the screen size is the most enticing aspect when purchasing a laptop since a large screen laptop has a higher resolution than one with a smaller screen. Digital nomads and students, for example, favour compact-sized laptops, but professional gamers and those with computer-based jobs typically choose laptops with much larger screens. Whether it's to buy a bag for your laptop or to know your screen resolution, it can be useful to know your laptop size.

What Size Is My Laptop?

To know what size your laptop screen is, you can use a measuring tape to measure your screen from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, or you can check your laptop specs, either online or by navigating your laptop.

How To Measure Laptop Screen

Using a measuring tape to determine the size of your laptop screen is a standard and traditional method of measuring. Monitors and screen displays are typically measured in inches. If you want to measure in a different unit, you can always do a conversion.

Here’s to measure your laptop screen using a tape measure:

  • Choose your start and end points. In measuring anything, it is critical to identify your starting and ending points. Essentially, if you're measuring your laptop, begin by picking a starting point on the screen and stretching the tape towards the ending point. Keep in mind that the visible section of your laptop screen should always be the beginning point of measurement.
  • Measure diagonally.  You must take a diagonal measurement of your laptop from one edge to another. Place your tape measure from the upper left corner of your screen to the lower right. Alternatively, you can place the tape measure from the top right corner towards the bottom left corner of your screen. Again, only measure the part of the screen where you can view your laptop's desktop page. Never include the bezel or the monitor's frame in your measurement.

How To Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

If you don't have a measuring tape on hand, you can get the size of your screen online or by checking the laptop specs.

Checking the Laptop's Model Specs

Checking your laptop's model specs is a quick approach to determine its screen size without having to measure it. The data should be on the case you purchased it in, in the user guide, or you may check the cover on the bottom or back of your laptop. The screen size should be explicitly indicated in the specs, or at the very least the model number.

If your laptop no longer has the sticker, or you've gotten rid of the case or packaging, you can get the screen size on your laptop.

For Windows:

  • Go to your Taskbar's "Search" box and type "Display."
  • When you enter "Display," Windows will recommend that you access the "Display Settings."
  • Choose "Open Display Settings." The system will show you options. Click "Advanced Display Settings.”
  • Once under "Advanced Display Settings," Windows will display the screen size. Please keep in mind that this option doesn't always work for all laptop models, and the info may differ from one laptop manufacturer to another

For Mac:

  • Navigate to the Apple menu on your Mac.
  • Click About This Mac. This displays a summary of your Mac, including its model, screen size, and version.
  • You could also use Spotlight to locate System Information or launch it from your Utilities folder under Applications.

Getting the Screen Size from Your Laptop Brand’s Website

All of the information you might possibly need about your laptop should be available on the specs page of your laptop's model page from your manufacturer’s website. Note that each laptop brand might have a different way to display the specs of their laptops.

  • Get your product or model number. You may locate it on the back of the laptop as a printed label, usually near the battery panel. 
  • Navigate to the brand's Technical Support website. 
  • Enter the number in the Search window. You will notice choices for your laptop, such as manual downloads and troubleshooting.
  • Browse for the "Product Information" section. 
  • Under "Product Information," check for your Model's "Specifications." You'll get the information about your laptop. The size of your laptop screen will be listed in the "Display" section.

How To Measure a Laptop for a Bag

Knowing your laptop size allows you to select the perfect bag the first time. All you need to do is measure your laptop and jot down the numbers.  Taking incorrect dimensions might be worse than coming in blind, so getting this right is critical.   In just a few minutes, you can get your laptop size using a tape measure and a pen. 

Begin with the screen size and work your way down to the width, depth, and height of your laptop:

  • Screen. Typically, bag sizes match laptop sizes, which are determined by the screen size. Simply place your measuring tape diagonally across the screen from edge to edge.
  • Width. This is the measurement from one side of your laptop to the other. Set your measuring tape is perpendicular to your space bar to stretch from one end of your laptop to the other.
  • Depth. The depth is the distance between your end and where the screen attaches to the base. This may be determined by measuring from the edge closest to you to the part where the connection is positioned.
  • Height. While not as essential, it is nonetheless valuable. Knowing all of the dimensions will allow you to choose a bag that is tight enough to protect your laptop but not too tight that your laptop can barely fit. This is measured from the bottom, where it hits the desk, to the top, with the laptop screen closed.

Knowing the size of your laptop is a good idea as you never know when it comes in handy. You could measure it manually with a measuring tape, or you can get the information by checking the specs of your laptop online or using your laptop.

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