Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Using a laptop may be more convenient than relying on a desktop computer, but you then are faced with a whole new set of problems. One of those problems is trying to keep the laptop from overheating! A simple solution to this is using a product like the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad.

In today’s review, we are going to take a closer look at the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad. We are going to go over the features of cooling pad, but we are also going to give you a brief summary of the reviews for the product. At the end, we’ll give you our recommendation on whether or not the pad is worthy of your time and consideration.

About The Product

The Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad has been designed to be comfortable to use, even for those long gaming sessions. The laptop pad features a metal mesh that promotes maximum air flow. The pad also features 5 cooling fans: 1 large fan and 4 smaller fans. You can adjust how the fans work based on your needs.

Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad

Not only can you adjust the fans, but you can also control the blue LED lights if you’d like. Notable features of the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad include:

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    Super quiet fans create a noise-free & interference-free environment for you
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    5 Built-in fans with Blue LEDs, two On/Off switches to control 5 fans and LEDs simultaneously
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    Dual USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices
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    Ergonomic stand with 6 adjustable height settings
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    Two stoppers on the front to prevent laptop from falling off
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    Keeps 12''-17'' laptop cool

Some people believe that a cooling fan is going to be a noisy contraption that will interfere with their work or gaming experience. This pad, however, will not be noisy at all because it utilizes whisper quiet fans. This means you can write that novel, do your taxes, or have a Skype conference call without any distractions.

While you are working on this pad, you have the ability to choose between 6 different height settings. These different settings will change the position and height of the pad for optimal viewing and use.

The cooling pad also features a set of stoppers to keep the laptop on the pad and not slowly sliding off. This laptop cooling pad’s design can work with laptops that measure between 12 and 17 inches.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad, the majority of consumers had really positive things to say. Customers appreciate this pad comes with little stoppers that prevent the laptop from sliding off the pad when it’s being used at a higher height setting.

Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad Cable Stoper

People commented they appreciated being able to pick and choose which fans were running because all 5 fans going at once produces a lot of air. Several people have gone so far to say that this was the best cooling pad they’ve tried. The like how durable this pad is and they feel that it’s constructed very well without being heavy. 

It’s interesting, but several people were thankful that this pad was large enough to accommodate a 17 inch laptop and it wasn’t an odd shape. Some people were nervous about the blue lights being a visual distraction, but after using the pad for a few months, they found the lights to be a nice touch and not distracting at all.

Although there were many positive reviews for this cooling pad, there were a portion of reviews that weren’t so good. The most common complaint people had was that despite the product claiming to be able to handle a 17 inch laptop, some have said their laptops hang off by quite a bit.

One person said their laptop was only 17.3 inches and their laptop hung over the side by “an inch on each side and a half inch in the back.” Another customer said the pad wasn’t strong enough for their 17 inch laptop. They said the fans stopped working and they had to reinforce the pad with “melted plastic pellets” to keep the laptop from sliding off.

A few people said that they’ve used the pad for a few months and while it was very quiet in the beginning, after a few months, the fans began to make a lot of noise. Others said the air the fans produce is weak, even with all the fans on and the pad was raised to the highest height setting.

There were a small group of people who also commented that the USB port that is included on the pad stopped working when you tried connecting to it.

Final Verdict

The Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad is one of those cooling pads that exceeds our expectations in terms of how efficient it is at keeping the laptop cool. Having the ability to control all the fans for a customized set up is truly nice because sometimes you don’t need all five fans going full blast!

Perhaps the best thing besides being able to control the fans is that the fans don’t make a lot of noise. You can finally work on projects in peace and quiet!

Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad

Source: ikootek.com

The blue lights are a nice touch, although not necessary. We like that it creates a gentle blue aura from under the laptop without being too much of a distraction. Other touches we appreciate include the two stoppers on the front of the pad and the dual USB hub that makes it possible to use several devices at once.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable, and efficient laptop cooling pad, we feel that this one by Kootek is a great option. It’ll keep your laptop nice and cool while you’re binging on all of your favorite shows, working on those memoirs, or wasting time on social media!

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