Can You Charge a Laptop With a USB?

Chris Campbell09 May 2022

Perhaps you're leaving town for a weekend trip. But you decide to bring your laptop since it's not all pleasure and fun, and you need to sneak in some work. A laptop can be useful for sending emails or completing remote tasks while on vacation, as well as organizing and editing vacation photos and videos.

But what if you're unpacking in your hotel room and discover you didn't bring your laptop charger? Your laptop is nearly out of juice, so things aren't looking good for you, especially since you need to make the final revisions to that last-minute report.  But hold on! All hope isn't lost yet. You can power up your laptop without the need for a conventional laptop charger. You can use a USB instead.

Can I Charge My Laptop With a USB C Phone Charger?

The launch of USB-C has changed the whole game for many electronic devices. The connection can be used to power devices and transfer files, and it is readily reversible. Modern laptops no longer require a large power brick; instead, USB-C is used.

Laptop Charging using a USB C

You've most likely utilized USB connections to recharge smaller gadgets, either from your laptop or from a wall outlet. This works nicely since previous USB connections had just enough energy to charge those smaller batteries. Previous versions of USB, on the other hand, could only take a certain amount of energy, which is why laptop chargers have often kept their longer, thicker cords.

USB-C revolutionized all of that. This sort of connection currently delivers enough power to charge most laptops. As a result, laptop charging is a new point of debate for USB connections, particularly now that more laptops with USB-C charging capabilities are hitting the market.

So, how do you know whether your existing laptop includes a USB-C connector that can also charge? Simply inspect your charger. A Type-C charger could be identified by its distinct characteristics. The USB-C connection is compact and circular, which distinguishes it from the older USB version. It also works regardless of the way you connect it to the correct port, and there's no need to flip it. You've got a winner if your charger supports this connection and hooks into your USB-C port.

Phones are often charged on laptops rather than the other way around. Although it may sound unusual, powering your laptop using a phone charger may occasionally work, but only if your laptop has a USB Type-C port and your phone charger is also a Type-C USB. Simply connect your phone charger to a power source and connect the USB C end to your laptop's USB C port.

Furthermore, most modern smartphones now include a USB Type-C connection, allowing you to utilize the phone as a power source for your laptop. Simply plug both ends of the USB Type-C cable into your laptop and your smartphone's charger. Once hooked, it should start supplying power from the phone to the laptop instantly. The downside of charging your laptop using your smartphone is that the power is quite restricted. You won't get much battery life out of your phone since a laptop takes far more power than a phone.

How To Charge a Laptop With a USB C

If your laptop has an integrated USB-C connector, you could charge it with a USB-C cable. You only need to ensure that the cable has a plug adapter. Most modern laptops use a USB-C cord as the primary charger.

To recharge your laptop through USB-C, follow these steps:

  • Connect one end of the USB-C cable to an outlet.
  • Connect the opposite end of the USB-C cable to your laptop.

That's how simple it is. As long as you have a USB-C cable, it's a piece of cake. But what if you can't get your hands on one? Unfortunately, getting a USB-C cable would be just as difficult as getting a new laptop charger. Buying one somewhere would be impossible, especially if you are stranded on a remote island on your trip.

Charge Dell Laptop With USB

USB Type-C is a brand-new connection technology. As long as a device supports USB Type-C and the diverse functionality that USB Type-C delivers, one cord is all you'll need for power and file transfer across different devices. It provides extraordinary data transfer rates, charges other devices, and even powers up laptops, all with one cable. Many devices, including your Dell laptop, currently support the USB Type-C connection.

In comparison to USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, the USB Type-C cable can transmit up to 130 watts of power via the same cable for capable devices. This assists in powering gadgets such as cellphones and tablets, as well as charging compatible laptops and ultra-books. Some gadgets may have a greater capacity for electricity. Dell Dock transmits up to 130W of power over USB Type-C to compatible Dell Notebook laptops.

The following are the benefits of utilizing USB Type-C:

  • A reliable connection that is suitable for laptops, tablets, and bigger platforms.
  • The plug orientation and wire direction are reversible.
  • Scalable power and performance are supported to further future-proof your system.
  • Slim design that can easily be used on laptops, ultrabooks, and other mobile devices.

Can I Charge My HP Laptop With USB C?

Although laptops are portable, they come with a wired standard charger to recharge your machine once it runs out of battery. However, there are situations when you don't have your  One possibility is to charge your laptop over USB-C. You could charge your laptop using a USB-C cord if it has a built-in USB-C port. All you have to do is make sure the wire has a plug adapter, which is a box-shaped socket at the end of your charger, and then plug it into an outlet. Most laptops, including certain HP models, utilize a USB-C connection as their primary charger.

To charge your laptop through USB-C:

  • Hook the power outlet end of the USB cord to a power source.
  • Connect the USB-C cable's opposite end to your laptop.

That's about it. Since they are sleek, robust, quick, and efficient, USB-C adapters are increasingly becoming the most popular laptop chargers. Not to mention that most gadgets accept USB-C, so if you unintentionally lose the one for your laptop, you can use your printer or power bank's USB-C charger.

USB-C is a charging standard that is used widely. Technically, any USB-C charger should be capable of powering a laptop with a USB-C connection. However, while most USB chargers for electronic devices are interchangeable, their compatibility with your laptop is not always guaranteed.

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