How To Make Your MacBook Aesthetic

Chris Campbell19 Apr 2022

Apple has shifted to a more basic user interface over the years. There’s no doubt that MacOS goes out of the box when it comes to performances and features, but the look could use some customizing. Although you may be using your Mac for serious business, it's also fun to add a little flair to it. Here's how to make your Mac aesthetically pleasing.

3 Easy and Cool Ways to Make Your Mac Aesthetically Pleasing

It's a good idea to personalize your Mac to showcase your aesthetic. The good news is that Mac itself provides several options to customize your Mac, eliminating the need to install third-party applications.

1. Customize Your Mac Wallpaper

Simply changing the default wallpaper for a wallpaper you like can make it feel like your Mac is brand new.

To make this change:

  • Launch the System Preferences application.
  • Choose Desktop and Screen Saver.
  • Select a new picture from the basic Mac desktop themes or a good solid backdrop color under the Desktop menu.
  • Also, don't overlook the Dynamic Desktop area, which has wallpapers that vary based on the time of day.
  • You could also use the sidebar to browse your Photos collection and set your wallpaper to a picture you'd like to use as a background.
  • Save your change and you're good.

Do you want to amp it up even more? Customize the wallpaper to update every hour, every few hours, every day, or every few days.

To accomplish this, first:

  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Select Desktop and Screen Saver. You may get there by clicking the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the menu bar, or by hitting Command-Space to launch Spotlight and then typing Desktop to find it.
  • After you've chosen a background image, you may set it to change automatically. You may also control how frequently the wallpaper changes.
  • Place a checkmark in the Change Picture box and use the drop-down option to pick the appropriate interval.
  • If you like, the background images can be displayed at random. Place a checkmark in the Random order box by clicking the checkbox.
  • To keep things organized, save the wallpaper images in a specific folder in iPhoto. The Desktop & Screen Saver window automatically updates them, so you don't have to bother about manually adding one when you download anything new.
  • Alternately, you could utilize any folder on your Mac that contains more than one image.

2. Add Personality to Your Icons

To level up your Mac customization, you can even alter the application icons. Changing an application's icon on your Mac is a rather simple task.

In Finder, you can resize icons up and down, and also modify their appearance using custom icons. When looking for icons online, make sure to look for the ICNS extension which assures compatibility with macOS.

Here are the steps:

  • Download a custom icon online.
  • Launch Preview and choose the.png or.jpeg icon. Hit Edit, then Select All to copy the selection. Regular.png files won't work since their backgrounds are not always transparent.
  • Select the app you want to change and then tap Get Info. You may also use the keyboard shortcut Command-I.
  • To paste the new icon, press the little symbol in the upper left corner of the application and then press Command-V.
  • To get rid of a custom icon, select it in the Get Info window and click the Delete key on your keyboard.

Except for the programs that come with your Mac, you can do this for anything. You can also change the backdrop of the Finder in Icon view:

  • Simply choose View and then click Show View Options.
  • Under the Background section, choose from the Color and Picture options.

3. Activate Screen Saver and More Features with Hot Corners

Hot Corners is a system feature from Mac that lets you do certain actions by dragging the mouse to any of the four corners of the screen. It might be used to run a screen saver, hide open windows, display notifications, and so on:

  • Launch the System Preferences application.
  • Select Desktop & Screen Saver from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to the Screen Saver page.
  • On the bottom right, choose Hot Corners.
  • When you switch it on, a little window appears in which you may set your hot corners. Each box corresponds to one of your screen's four corners: top-left, top-right, bottom-right, and bottom-left.
  • Tick the box for a particular corner and select an action from the menu to add an action to it.

Here are some of the actions you can activate:

  • Start Screen Saver launches your screensaver.
  • Disable Screen Saver disables your screen saver.
  • Mission Control provides a bird's-eye view of all your open windows.
  • Desktop conceals all open windows, allowing you to view what's on your desktop.
  • Notification Center offers widgets for top articles, weather, and other information.

If you don't want any action in a certain corner, just click the hyphen (–) option.

Aesthetic MacBook Wallpapers

To make your Mac look aesthetically pleasing, you'll most likely want a nice-looking wallpaper. There are a plethora of stunning wallpapers for the MacBook aesthetic available on the internet, many of which can be downloaded for free. The best thing about customized wallpapers is you can alter your Mac's wallpaper to suit your personality or mood.

Here are some free websites to easily download Mac wallpapers: Wallpaper Access Wallpaper Cave Unsplash Wallpaper Dog Wallpaper Bat

MacBook Neutral Aesthetic Wallpaper

The neutral aesthetic emphasizes the visual component of minimalism and reflects a clean and fresh style that is visually pleasing, uses neutral hues, and features subtle accents. Picking a neutral aesthetic wallpaper for your Mac will make your desktop look clean and organized. There will be fewer distractions, and the brightness will be maximized, resulting in a desktop that is light and pleasant to the eyes. Here are some shades of neutral aesthetic wallpapers to consider:

  • Sage Green. This mild hue can be easily mixed to make your desktop seem modest or bright. Because of its tranquillity, many Mac users like sage green wallpaper.
  • Pink Blush. Pink is almost the ideal neutral. Pale, pink hues go well with anything from earthy tones to vivid jewel tones. These blush hues are versatile and can work with almost anything.
  • Muted Blue. With gray undertones, subdued blue pairs well with a variety of neutrals and accent colors. More than anything, neutrals are soothing, and blue has long been linked with tranquillity. Blue is believed to evoke trustworthiness, honesty, and other positive feelings.

It's always a good idea to add a hint of your style and character to anything you own. Thankfully, Apple makes it easy for you to personalize your Mac. Whether you want to make a bold statement or to showcase your modest style, making your Macbook aesthetic is definitely possible.

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