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Chris Campbell22 Mar 2022

The internet is a huge space with an almost infinite number of great websites and fascinating content. When you find something interesting online that you want to return to later, the easiest approach to ensure you remember it is to save it as a bookmark in your browser.

Bookmarking is a quick and easy approach to creating your personal digital universe. People bookmark sites that they visit for information, news, or entertainment. You won't have to memorize URLs and website names, much less even type a complex link into your browser's address bar.

How To Add Bookmarks on Mac

Mac web browsers enable you to save bookmarks for easy access to websites. Here's how to create a bookmark in Safari: In Safari, navigate to the website you wish to bookmark. To bookmark many websites at once, go to the "File" menu and pick "New Tab." In the new tab, you can then go to another website and bookmark it. To bookmark a site, press the "+" button to the left of the URL in the address bar. To bookmark a set of tabs, pick "Add Bookmarks for These Tabs" from the "Bookmarks" menu. Choose "Bookmarks Bar" from the "Add This Page To" drop-down box to insert the bookmark below the address bar. Tap "Bookmarks Menu" to add the bookmark to the list that displays when you select "Bookmarks" from the toolbar menu in Safari. Give the bookmarked website or set of tabs a name. To make a new bookmark, tap "Add."

How To Edit Bookmarks on Mac

Bookmark folders are excellent for managing your bookmarks. The good thing about folders is that you can name, arrange, and organize them in any way you like. You could also make subfolders. A folder can be created in the Bookmarks Sidebar or the Bookmarks Editor. To access the Editor, navigate to Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks.

To create a folder:

  • From the menu bar, select Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder.
  • Right-click anywhere in the Bookmarks Sidebar and choose New Folder from the shortcut menu.
  • Alternatively, at the top of the Bookmarks Editor, tap New Folder.
  • Name your folder, then press the Return key.

Here are the steps to create a subfolder.

  • From the menu bar, select Bookmarks > Add Bookmark Folder. Then, within the parent folder, drag the new folder.
  • In the Bookmarks Sidebar, right-click the parent folder and choose New Folder from the shortcut menu.
  • Drag the folder to the parent folder by clicking New Folder at the top of the Bookmarks Editor.
  • Name your subfolder and hit Return, just like you would with a parent folder.

You can edit your bookmarks in the Bookmarks Sidebar or the Bookmarks Editor. The Bookmarks Editor has the advantage of giving you a bit more area to work with. However, you have the same editing choices in any case. Select a bookmark, folder, or subfolder by right-clicking it. The bookmark or folder can then be renamed, copied, or deleted. You can also make specific changes to each bookmark like editing the URL.

How To Rename Bookmarks on Mac

Safari Bookmarks save the names as the title of a webpage or website by default. That is, if a website has a lengthy title, the bookmark name will be similarly lengthy. When using the Bookmarks menu, this isn't a big deal, but if you're using the Safari Favorites Bar, lengthy names are shortened that they sometimes don't make sense, so renaming them is a good idea. 

There are two ways to rename a bookmark or folder, either to do it on the Bookmarks Editor or using the Favorites bar.

To rename in the Bookmarks editor:

  • Choose the bookmark or folder you wish to rename and click Enter.
  • Type a new name or modify the current one, then click Enter to save your changes.

Instead of using the Bookmark Editor to rename a bookmark, you can quickly do it in Safari with the use of a click-trick within Safari's Favorites bar:

  • Press Command+Shift+B to bring up the bookmarks or Favorites bar if it's hidden.
  • To change the name of a Bookmark, press and hold it, then type the new name and tap the Return key to save the change.
  • Keep in mind that you must press and hold the Bookmark. Merely tapping it will open the URL and launch the page or site.

How To Remove Bookmarks on Mac Chrome

Chrome is the world's biggest web browser by far. It's robust, feature-rich, and has a comprehensive network of extensions. Chrome's bookmark management is also a little more sophisticated. The browser has a Bookmark Manager, where you could search for bookmarks, create folders, add or delete bookmarks, and so on.

Here's how to delete bookmarks in Chrome on a MAC computer:

  • In Google Chrome, open the Bookmark Manager by hitting Bookmarks in the menu bar and then choosing Bookmark Manager. You can also utilize a shortcut by hitting the keys Option+⌘+B.
  • Right-click on the Bookmark you want to delete and press Delete on your keyboard.
  • Alternatively, you can tap on the three-dot menu and choose Delete from the options.

Where Are Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Mac?

Google Chrome bookmarks are simple to access and organize from inside the browser. It merely takes a few taps of your mouse to add, remove, and rename bookmarks. However, if you need to move bookmarks to a different browser, you may have to manually find your bookmarks file.

Under macOS, Google Chrome keeps its bookmarks in the "Application Support" directory. This directory may be found by searching for "Terminal." In macOS, you should configure your file browser to see hidden folders. Enter the following command line: /Users/your username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default. When you press the Enter key, the Finder will go to the folder containing your bookmarks.

Even if the folder is hidden, you can still access it using the Finder:

  • Launch "Finder."
  • Go to "Users/your username>/."
  • If you don't see a "Library" directory, switch off hidden folders by pressing the "Command + Shift + Period" keys. Alternately, if you wish to go directly to the "Library" files, hold down the "Alt" key before choosing the "Go" menu.
  • Go to the "Library > Application Support" menu.
  • Find and tap "Google."
  • Now, select "Chrome."
  • Navigate to the "Default" folder.
  • You should now see a "Bookmarks" document containing all of your Chrome bookmarks, as well as a "Bookmarks.bak" backup file.

Bookmarks enable internet users to save time and be more efficient by allowing you to keep track of your favorite websites. You could bookmark any website URL so you can return to it conveniently the next time you read articles, research information, stream movies, play music, or log in to your various online accounts. The best part of all, you can create folders to organize and easily add, edit or remove bookmarks from your Mac browser.

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