How To Transfer Photos From iPhone to Laptop

Chris Campbell20 Jan 2022

The integrated iSight function on the iPhone shoots high-quality images, particularly with the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has an outstanding 12MP shooter. As a result, it is quick to pack your storage with excellent snaps and images saved from messaging applications and email. This depletes the amount of storage space on your iPhone.

Need to free up some space in your iPhone storage so you can save more of your favorite photos? It is a good idea to back up your images to a laptop in case of any loss. Or perhaps you've chosen to ditch your iPhone in favor of an Android and will need a quick way to move your favorite photos? Copying photos from your iPhone to your laptop can be done quickly and effortlessly.

How To Access Photos From iPhone on Laptop

You can easily access and transfer photos from your iPhone to your laptop using the Photos app and a USB cord.

iCloud Photos

iCloud automatically stores, updates, and makes your photos available on all of your Apple devices,, and even your laptop. You don't have to import photographs from one iCloud device to another when you utilize iCloud Photos. Your original, full-resolution photographs are always uploaded and stored by iCloud Photos. You may retain the originals in full resolution on each of your devices, or you can reduce space by using device-optimized variations instead. In any case, you may always download your originals anytime you need them. Any organizational adjustments or modifications you make are automatically applied to all of your Apple devices.

  • Check that you've configured and enabled iCloud on your iPhone and that you're logged in with your Apple ID.
  • Navigate to iCloud for Windows.
  • Select options from the drop-down menu next to Photos. Choose iCloud Photos.
  • Then, after clicking "Done", click "Apply."
  • On every one of your Apple devices, enable iCloud Photos. You may now utilize Shared Albums with iCloud for Windows 10 or later, and you can adjust the placement of your Shared Albums folders. If you have iCloud for Windows 7, you can also utilize My Photo Stream. 

Windows Photos App

Connect your smartphone to your computer and use the Windows Photographs application to access iPhone photos on your laptop.

  • Check that your laptop is running the most recent version of iTunes. To import photographs to your laptop, you must have iTunes 12.5.1 or later.
  • Using a USB cord, connect your iPhone to your laptop.
  • If prompted, enter your passcode to open your iPhone.
  • If your iPhone prompts you to "Trust This Computer", tap "Trust" or "Allow" to proceed.
  • After that, you'll be able to access your iPhone images on your laptop.

How to Bluetooth Photos From iPhone to Laptop

Our iPhones enable us to take high-quality images. However, there is a catch. It's unavoidable that you'll run out of storage space. It doesn't help that Apple restricts everything, with no expandable memory and limited free storage on iCloud, you'll have to back up your images on your laptop. This provides insurance that allows you to recover them if you unintentionally delete your photos or lose your iPhone.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with one another.  You may use Bluetooth to send images from your iPhone to your laptop. However, based on your laptop, the iPhone's operating system may make Bluetooth file sharing difficult. Bluetooth allows Mac users to seamlessly share files from their Mac to their iPhone and vice versa. Users running Windows or another os will find compatibility difficulties, necessitating the usage of third-party software.


For a Macbook, sharing photos via Bluetooth is rather simple. For Bluetooth file transfers from iPhone to Mac or vice versa, both devices must have Bluetooth turned on.

  • You must synchronize the devices to be granted authorization to transfer the data.
  • After pairing, navigate to the Apple menu's system settings. Bluetooth status is displayed in the menu bar when you click on it.
  • The Mac can then be chosen from the device list.
  • When the devices have been linked, sending files is significantly easier.
  • Simply navigate through the files on your iPhone and choose the file you want to move. You should choose the desired Mac and start the transferring procedure.
  • Your laptop will display a pop-up. It will display the progress in a window.

There are a few other things to keep an eye out for:

  • Your iPhone and Mac should be properly linked.
  • When connecting, your iPhone must be discoverable.
  • When you send or receive files, you must first configure the Bluetooth file manager.

Windows Laptop

Accessing and sharing photos from an iPhone to a Windows laptop and vice versa through Bluetooth is a whole other experience. This is because Bluetooth isn't really supported on both systems. Windows laptops run the Windows operating system. Your iPhone, on the other hand, runs iOS. This does not preclude you from exchanging data between the two systems. Other means must be used for file transmission.

Here's one approach.

  • You may use iTunes and install it on your laptop.
  • Following that, connect your iPhone to your laptop. This may be accomplished with the use of a lightning cable or by Wi-Fi synchronization via a Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch iTunes on your laptop and click the iPhone icon in the upper left corner of the window.
  • Then, select File Sharing. You can either share a file from your computer to your iPhone or from your iPhone to your computer. The file shares are completely instant. You may also see which files have been shared. The file transfers will not be affected if you sync your files. It does not sync the transmitted files from your iPhone to your laptop.
  • You might also use the iTunes programs to erase a file from your iPhone. Select the files you want to remove and push the delete key.

How To Import and Share Photos from iPhone to Laptop

Apple? Windows? This is irrelevant. From your iPhone to laptop or vice versa, you can quickly import your photos and other files across devices.

It's a common misconception that you can't move images from an iPhone to a non-Apple laptop unless you have a Mac. However, importing, uploading, moving, or copying data from an iPhone to a laptop is rather straightforward. To access your iPhone's photo collection, you have many alternatives. Whether it's to import and backup, download photos for editing, upload new photos, or move photos and files across multiple devices, here are ways to sync photos and files between your iPhone and laptop.


You must use Apple's iCloud to integrate your photos between iOS and Windows. Photos, videos, files, and programs may all be stored for free in the iCloud.  Media files may be accessed on a variety of devices thanks to cloud storage. It's important to keep in mind, though, that 5Gb of space can quickly fill up. You may, however, purchase additional storage space.

iCloud Browser

You may also use a web browser to see your iPhone photos on your laptop. For those who prefer to share images without using iTunes, this is a fantastic option. All you have to do is visit


An all-in-one program for iOS management, iTunes was built by Apple Inc. iTunes is a one-stop-shop for all of your Apple products' media demands, making it easy to sync iPhone photos and movies to a computer.

Windows Autoplay

Windows developed the Autoplay function to make it easier to quickly access commonly used options. If you're looking for an efficient way to sync your photos from iPhone to laptop, this is a great alternative.

As simple as a few clicks on your iPhone, you can now take stunning, high-quality photos. Even so, there's a good chance you don't have enough space on your iPhone to store all the photos you've taken. Or maybe you still have photos on your laptop that you'd like to have on your iPhone as well, but don't know how to get around to it. Transferring photos from your iPhone to your laptop, and vice versa, is a no-brainer. Simply follow the tips we've provided and your photos will be synced between your iPhone and laptop in no time.

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