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Chris Campbell21 Jan 2022

Most laptop applications work perfectly well in landscape mode. However, the orientation of the screen might occasionally impede your productivity, particularly if you generally deal with data in a tall and narrow window. In such cases, if you have a screen that can flip to portrait view, it may be worthwhile to rotate your active window 180 degrees. Knowing how to rotate your screen can also help you become productive.

If you work in an office, flipping displays might help you avoid leaving your laptop unlocked as you step away for a break or meeting. Whatever the cause, even if you're the victim of a playful (or cruel) colleague's workplace humor, turning your screen 90 degrees is a simple process, and we've explored a few methods on how to do it below.

How To Rotate Laptop Screen Windows 8

Because Windows 8.1 and 8 are primarily designed for touch devices such as tablets and smartphones, screen rotation is supported. However, depending on your needs, auto-rotating your screen may or may not be a reasonable decision.

You may disable automatic screen rotation and disable windows from rotating the screen between landscape and portrait modes or unlock the screen which flips the screen automatically with the help of a gravity sensor.

Here are a few steps to easily rotate your laptop screen on Windows 8:

  • Select "Screen Resolution" from the options by right-clicking on an empty spot on your screen.
  • Tick the box " Allow the screen to auto-rotate," then save your changes.

Alternately, you may toggle and rotate the screen by pressing Windows+O. 

Another option is to open the Charms Bar.

  • Select "Settings."
  • Push the "Screen" button.
  • When you click on the "Screen" icon, the screen auto-rotate symbol will appear immediately above the brightness slider. Simply click it.

How To Rotate Laptop Screen Windows 10

It might have happened when you hooked in or unplugged an external display. Perhaps you accidentally pressed the wrong key, but your laptop's screen is now locked in portrait mode when you intended to use a landscape view. You may even have a hard time looking at your screen unless you bend your head or turn your display on its side. Fortunately, there are two options for rotating your screen on Windows 10.

Keyboard Shortcut

Switch your laptop to landscape mode by pressing CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow. By pressing CTRL+ALT+Left Arrow, Right Arrow, or Down Arrow, you can easily flip the screen to landscape or portrait mode.

Display Settings Menu

If the shortcut keys wouldn't work for any reason, which they should, try this technique.

  • Select "Display Settings" after right-clicking anywhere on your screen.
  • If you have numerous displays connected, select one to link everything to. If you just have one, ignore this step.
  • From the "Display Orientation" menu, choose “Landscape” or “Portrait.”
  • Click the Apply or OK button.
  • You'll then receive a prompt, choose "Keep Changes."

How To Rotate Laptop Screen Windows 11

Flipping your laptop screen may be incredibly useful, especially while streaming a movie or reading content. This may be accomplished without the use of third-party software by modifying the screen settings in the settings application in the Windows operating system.

Just like Windows 10, you can use keyboard shortcuts and the Display Settings menu to spin your screen.

You can also flip the screen using the Intel Graphics Command Center. Simply download and install it from the Microsoft Store. 

  • Launch the Intel Graphics Command Center.
  • Choose System.
  • Enable System hotkeys. The screen rotation shortcut keys for Landscape, Portrait, Landscape (flipped), and Portrait may be found here.

How To Rotate Screen on HP Laptop

Switching the Screen Rotation on an HP laptop is as simple as hitting the Action Center button on the taskbar. The Action Center may also be accessed by hitting the Windows icon key + A on the keyboard. The Rotation lock should be clicked. Once you activate the rotation lock function, the tile turns blue.

To flip the screen to Landscape mode, press CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow.  Landscape (Flipped) mode is activated via CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow. Portrait mode is activated by pressing CTRL + ALT + LEFT Arrow. CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow toggles between Portrait (Flipped) and Landscape (Flipped) modes.

How To Rotate Screen on Dell Laptop

While it might be startling to see your laptop's screen unexpectedly upside down or spun on its side, rotating it back isn't that complicated. After all, if this was a tough process, the screen wouldn't have been so easily flipped.

When it comes to rotating your Dell laptop screen, you have two options. You may accomplish this by either using a keyboard shortcut or by going via the Display Settings menu. Both options follow the same process as rotating in Windows computers.

How To Rotate Screen on Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo has introduced a slew of new Windows laptops in its ThinkPad, Yoga, and Flex products, all of which include Lenovo's hinge design, which allows the screen to be folded all the way back against the back of the keyboard and used as a touchscreen tablet. It's also a no-brainer to rotate the screen.

Auto-rotate Option

  • Switch your laptop's mode from Laptop to Tent/Stand/Tablet.
  • Type the words "Settings" into the taskbar's search box, and then choose "Settings" from the selection.
  • Click "System."
  • Scroll down and turn On or Off the Lock rotation of your screen.

Action Center Option

  • Set your computer's mode from Laptop to Tent/Stand/Tablet.
  • In the Taskbar, hit the Action Center button.
  • When the Action Center appears, tap the Tablet Mode button to toggle it On or Off.

Your laptop screen is one of the most important computer components, and it's rather inconvenient when you're attempting to use it in bed or on your sofa. You may swivel your screen to simply move between viewing a movie and working without constantly having to change things up.

Shifting the position of your laptop is a simple technique to raise productivity and make things easier. It's also not complicated, so don't panic if you accidentally flip your screen.  If you've always wanted to be able to spin your laptop screen in the near future, why not give it a try today?

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