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Chris Campbell07 Feb 2022

You push the power button on your HP laptop and nothing. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a blank screen after clicking the power button to turn on your laptop. Many HP laptop users complained of having a similar situation, in which their HP laptop would not switch on for inexplicable reasons. But don't be alarmed! There are solutions available to fix your HP laptop that won't power on.

Why Won’t My HP Laptop Turn On?

There might be several reasons why your HP laptop isn't turning on. Even if you hit the Power switch, the light may flash, but your laptop screen may not display. In other cases, the laptop could display a blank screen that is either blue or black.

Here are possible causes for your HP laptop not working:

  • Low, damaged, or non-functional battery
  • A faulty external device connected to your laptop
  • Issues with your laptop’s power supply
  • Malfunctioning CMOS battery
  • Laptop screen issues
  • Issues with new hardware installed
  • The laptop needs to install updates
  • Malfunctioning or defective components

HP Laptop Won’t Turn On Even When Plugged In

If your HP laptop won't switch on even after being plugged in, the first place to look is at the power supply. In some cases, it might be as easy as using the incorrect charging cord, which could result in a lack of sufficient voltage.

If your laptop won't power on even though it's plugged in, try these solutions:

  • Do a quick battery check. When the power supply isn't working properly, HP laptops won't work. Make sure your laptop's battery isn't defective. Replace it if it's broken. You can also take the battery out and use the laptop's charger as a power source.
  • Disconnect all external devices. Hardware conflicts might prevent the laptop from booting. Disconnect all external devices and then restart your laptop.
  • Restore BIOS to default settings.  If your HP laptop won't boot after the Windows 10 upgrade, sleep mode, or for any other unknown cause, try resetting the BIOS. You can do this by pressing the Power button for five seconds. Once your laptop starts access the BIOS settings by using the F10 key. Then press F9 and choose Yes. Upon pressing Enter, the BIOS will be reverted to its default settings.

How To Turn On HP Laptop Without a Power Button

If your HP laptop's power button isn't working, you may wonder if there is another way to switch it on even without a power button. Can it be done? In theory, yes. If your HP laptop's power button doesn't function for whatever reason, there are a few methods you may try to turn on your laptop.

Using the Motherboard

Follow these instructions to start your HP laptop from the motherboard without the need for a power button:

  • Unplug the HP laptop's charging wire.
  • Locate the HP laptop's power button within the laptop casing. 
  • Pull the switch once you've located it. A total of three to six pins will be shown underneath the button after this step. These pins can now be attached using wire or any other type of conductor.
  • Once you connect the conductor to the pins of the HP laptop, it will turn on.

Using a Wall Socket or Extension Cord

To use a wall socket or an extension cord to switch on your HP laptop without the need for a power button, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by finding the cable that runs from the power button to the motherboard.
  • You may then unhook this wire and leave it unconnected for now.
  • Disconnect the power cord from your HP laptop and remove the battery.
  • Your HP laptop will switch on as soon as you connect it to the wall socket.
  • Reinsert the battery and remove the power socket.

Using the Lid

Press F2 or Del Key on your HP laptop to access the BIOS settings, then follow these steps:

  • In the start menu, look for the SETTINGS selection.
  • On the left-hand side, click on RECOVERY.
  • Tap RESTART NOW once you see the ADVANCED SETUP option.
  • The TROUBLESHOOT option will be available in a new window that appears. Click it.
  • ADVANCED OPTIONS should be selected.
  • The POWER MANAGEMENT page will appear, and you may access the POWER ON WHILE OPEN LID option from there.
  • You may now choose whether or not to switch on or off your HP laptop with the lid open.

Using an External Keyboard

This follows steps as the Lid Open Action. You simply choose the option POWER ON BY KEYBOARD or WAKE ON KEYBOARD.

HP Envy Laptop Won’t Turn On

If your HP Envy isn't turning on, it might be for a variety of causes, ranging from recent updates to faulty hardware.

Follow these steps:

  • Shut down the laptop.
  • Disconnect the laptop from any docking station or port replicator.
  • Unplug all peripheral devices that are externally attached.
  • Remove the laptop's power adapter.
  • Hold down the Power button for 8-10 seconds.
  • Reconnect the AC adapter but not any of the auxiliary devices.
  • Turn on the laptop and press the Power button.
  • If a starting menu appears, use the arrow keys to navigate to and choose Start Windows Normally, then click the Enter key. If the problem remains after doing these steps, it indicates a hardware issue with the laptop.

HP Pavilion Laptop Won’t Turn On

If your HP laptop won't switch on, it doesn't necessarily indicate there's a problem with the laptop. Often, there are only incompatibilities between certain software on your laptop or the devices you've connected, and they're quite simple to repair with a power reset or hard restart.

To do this:

  • Take out the battery.
  • Push down the power button on your laptop for 30-60 seconds.
  • Reinsert the battery and reconnect the power.
  • Turn on the laptop.

HP Stream Laptop Won’t Turn On

If your HP Stream isn't turning on, you should do a power reset.

Use the following steps to do a power reset with a sealed or non-removable battery laptop:

  • Shut down the laptop.
  • Unplug any port replicator or docking station you may have.
  • Remove all peripheral devices attached.
  • Disconnect the laptop's power adapter.
  • To reset, push and hold the Power button for 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the AC adapter to the laptop.
  • Hit the Power button and restart the laptop.
  • If a starting menu appears, click the Enter key after selecting Start Windows Normally with the arrow keys.
  • After Windows has loaded, reattach each disconnected peripheral device, one at a time.

  Don't panic if your HP laptop won't power on. It's not an isolated issue, and many people have experienced the same issue. Give our troubleshooting steps a try and you'll have your HP laptop turning on and running in no time.

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