Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

Chris Campbell03 Apr 2022

In this modern-day and age, people are no longer happy with merely playing games on consoles or mobile phones, and most gamers would prefer playing on their PC. They want even more visual pleasure and better gaming performance, plus the idea of using one device both for work and play sounds like a real treat, so gaming laptops are the way to go.

With an increasing and wide variety of PC games on the market, gameplay performance has become a basic feature in computers nowadays, and for young people, it has become an essential factor to consider when purchasing a computer. But, if you want to play games wherever you are, you might be thinking about getting a portable gaming laptop.

Unlike desktop computers, gaming laptops allow you to play your favorite PC video games on the go.  Gaming laptops can withstand extreme temperatures and provide a gaming experience previously only available on consoles and bulky desktop computers. But are they truly worth your money?

When you're investing a significant wad of cash on a gaming experience, it's reasonable to have strong reservations, and we're here to help you with that.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Gaming Laptop

Are you considering getting a new and fancy gaming laptop? The cost of entering the world of gameplay might be intimidating, especially if you have never purchased a high-end laptop before. However, there is a significant benefit to taking the leap, since the opportunity to enjoy your favorite games from just about anywhere cannot be understated. Having said that, pricey gaming laptops aren't for everyone. Here are reasons why you should consider getting one.


You are restricted to playing in one place if you own a gaming desktop or a console. In comparison to consoles or desktop computers, gaming laptops are extremely portable and easy to move. You can take your gaming laptop with you on vacations, or even when you need to travel for work. You can enjoy a top-notch gaming experience wherever you might be.

Good Investment

Console, computer and laptop gamers are always competing to surpass one another. While gaming consoles provide an intense game experience, and gaming desktop computers have unparalleled gameplay quality and performance, both only majorly function for entertainment reasons. Thus, if you ever need to get some work done or you want to Netflix and chill, you'll need to use a separate computer.  A high-end gaming laptop, on the other hand, allows you to do many things on a single machine. You can enjoy your favorite PC games, get work done, watch movies, and the best part, it doesn't matter whether you're at home or on a business trip.

Stylish and Great Build Quality

While there are some low-cost models with a plastic frame and fragile hinges, gaming laptops generally have good build quality. Aside from robust metal construction, they generally have a striking aesthetic that you won't find on any other machine. A gaming laptop may be the perfect accessory to flaunt your flair in public, with features like per-key keyboard backlighting, illuminated exhaust ports, and custom engraved red designs.

Reasons Not to Buy a Gaming Laptop

In general, buying a gaming laptop is not advised unless you are a gaming pro or enthusiast who plans to enjoy gaming on the go. Here are a few of the drawbacks of gaming laptops:

It's Not Worth Its Price

Without a doubt, gaming laptops are far more expensive than desktop computers with matching features. A serious gaming laptop that can handle anything current on high settings generally costs between $1,200 and $1,300.  Given that you can buy an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro for much less than $400, a gaming laptop might not be the best option unless you want certain PC games and need portability.

Excessive Heat

Increased heat is one of the most dangerous adversaries of any computing system. Compared to desktops, there is lesser room in a laptop for hardware to mesh with one another. High-end components create significantly more heat compared to their less powerful counterparts. Gaming computers could get so hot that they won't sit comfortably on your lap. It's also critical to keep exhaust vents away from cables or anything else that could catch fire.

Less Upgrade Potential

This is a crucial problem that must not be ignored. While gaming laptops are more portable, they have much fewer upgrade possibilities than a desktop. Although most models allow for relatively easy access to the RAM, as well as having the ability to replace the SSD by simply removing a few screws, upgrading the graphics card, or increasing the CPU are almost always out of the question. So if you intend to upgrade your GPU in the next few years, a gaming laptop is just not the way to go.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth the Mobility?

A gaming laptop is a worthwhile purchase if it's compatible with your gaming and usage needs. This type of gaming device is an excellent choice if you want a mobile and powerful gaming experience that is also slightly upgradeable.  If you travel frequently and portability is crucial to you, gaming laptops are without a doubt worth the investment.

The benefit of mobility isn't only bringing it to a buddy's house or the neighborhood coffee shop, or throwing it in a bag and carrying it on vacation with you. There's also something to be said for the mobility provided inside your own living space. There are times you'd prefer playing at the kitchen table rather than your usual play area, and with a desktop or console, this isn't quite possible.

The answer to the question of whether gaming laptops are worth is quite subjective based on how you intend to use the laptop and your personal preferences. Although a gaming laptop is powerful and visually appealing, it's not everyone's cup of tea. If you don't really need portability, you're probably much better off going for a gaming desktop or console, and buying a much cheaper non-gaming laptop to get some work done, or for entertainment. However, if on-the-go gaming sounds like a real dream for you, we definitely advise investing in a high-end gaming laptop.

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell

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