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Chris Campbell10 Jan 2022

Whether you’re playing computer games or you’re working on the next best-selling novel, you don’t want to lose all your hard work simply because your laptop got too hot! When you have the best laptop cooling pad, you don’t have to worry about how hot the laptop gets because the fans will cool down the processors and keep your laptop in good working condition.

Today, we’re going to shed some light on what is the best laptop cooling pad on the market and what features you should look for when choosing a new cooling pad.

Let’s get right into the reviews!

Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Let's take a look on our top recommendations for the best gaming laptop cooling pad:

Winner: CM Storm Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

The CM Storm Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is the best cooling pad for gaming because it features a single, silently operating fan that is capable of creating 70 cubic feet per minute of air – that’s a lot of air! The powerful fan will keep your laptop cool during those intense raids or study sessions. Notable features of the CM Storm Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad include:

  • Silent and Powerful 180 mm fan for excellent cooling performance
  • 4 Height Adjustments for optimal working / typing angles
  • 4 Port USB Hub to expand connectivity
  • Improved Cable Management with grooved sides for cable routing
  • Comfortable Rubber Handle designed to be easy to carry
  • Laptop Retention Tabs for more stability at higher angles
  • Step less fan speed dial for quick adjustments and power on/off button for fan operation
  • Red LEDs provide an aggressive look
  • Compatible with large laptops with screens up to 19 inches

If you don’t need that much air, you can adjust the dial on the back of the pad for a more comfortable experience. You can place the unit at its highest setting and not worry about your laptop sliding off, thanks to the laptop retention tabs located on the front of the pad.

Speaking of comfortable experience, you can choose one of four height adjustment settings so you can find the perfect angle for typing, gaming, or just watching videos. For those longer sessions of laptop use, you don’t have to worry about putting a towel or blanket over legs because this unit features heat-absorbing plastic protectors.

When looking at what people had to say about the CM Storm Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad, they had great things to say. People liked being able to connect various USB compatible devices to this cooling pad because it features 4 USB ports.

Several people also commented they’ve been using this cooling pad for several years now and it continues to be the best cooling pad for laptop use. They like that they can use it when writing a term paper and watch movies in bed without being uncomfortable, thanks to the different height adjustment options.

It’s important to note that not everyone was as impressed with this cooling pad. There were a few customers who had some issues with this product. The most common complaint people had was that the laptop slid off the pad when it was on the highest height settings.

These people said the stoppers were not adequate and they had to come up with their own solutions to keep their laptop from sliding down. There were a few people who mentioned the fan was too noisy and they wished there was a way to control the speed of the fan so that it wasn’t roaring.

Runner-Up: Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

The Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is one those cooling pads that look unassuming until you begin using it. This simple pad features an aerodynamic design that is going to prolong the life of your laptop because it can reduce how much heat your laptop generates by 20%. Notable features of the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad include:

  • Laptop stand helps keep laptops running cooler to help reduce crashes
  • Computer workstations with four fans and two anti-skid arms
  • Metal platform draws heat away from laptop
  • Docking stations slim, portable and light weight allowing you to protect your PC wherever you go
  • Extra USB port and wind speed switch design
  • Built-in dual-USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices
  • Ergonomic comfort: Adjustable height setting, comfortable for natural point of view

The metal mesh and the four powerful fans promote air circulation, and you can control the speed of the fans to suit the task you are doing. For example, you can put the fans on full speed for those grinding sessions, but when you’re just browsing social media, you can lower the fan’s speed to conserve power.

Although this pad uses a USB port for power, there is an additional USB port on the side that you can use for USB compatible devices like printers, cameras, cordless mice, and even to charge your phone. You can then use the cord organizer on the back of the pad so that you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in the cords while you work.

When looking at what people had to say about the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad, they had great things to say. People raved that this was the best laptop cooling pad they’ve tried because not only are the fans powerful, but they do not make a lot of noise when they are on.

Customers said they appreciated having the ability to change which fans worked, but also how fast they were. They said they liked being able to turn the fans down when they are just checking their email, but they could turn the fans up when they are using it for more demanding programs like playing video games.

Though the majority of customers said this was a great product, there were a group of people who felt like they wasted their money. These customers were upset that there wasn’t any ventilation slots on the sides of the pad.

This meant the pad wouldn’t get enough air circulating under the laptop, which would cause the laptop to heat up. People also commented at after using the pad regularly for a couple of months, the fans began to make a lot of distracting noises and they couldn’t continue using the pad.

Alternative: HAVIT Slim Lap​top Cooling Pad

The HAVIT Slim Laptop Cooling Pad features a sturdy design that is still quite stylish. This laptop cooling pad features an ergonomic design that promotes your comfort while using it. You can adjust the height and angle of the pad however is most comfortable for you. Notable features of the HAVIT Slim Laptop Cooling Pad include:

  • Slim, portable, and light weight allowing you to protect your investment wherever you go
  • Doubles as an ergonomic stand with two adjustable height settings
  • High-quality, multi-directional metal mesh gives your laptop a wear-resistant and stable surface
  • Three ultra-quiet fans create a noise-free environment for you
  • Extra USB port and power switch design
  • Built-in dual-USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

The surface of the pad is made from a metal mesh that is not going to wear down as you use the pad. The mesh sits over three 110 millimeter fans that work hard to keep your laptop cool, even for those long gaming sessions.

The cooling pad features LED lights that’ll give you a fun glow. You cannot turn these lights, which may be a drawback for some people. The slim cooling pad can be used with laptops that measure 15.6 to 17 inches.

Since this unit is lightweight, you can travel with the cooling pad without the pad feeling cumbersome in your bag. You can also plug your USB compatible devices into one of the two extra USB ports on this cooling pad.

When looking at what people had to say about the HAVIT Slim Laptop Cooling Pad, they had great things to say. People raved about the cooling power of this laptop pad. Customers commented that the fans do operate silently, which was appreciated.

They also liked that this pad had a dual USB port so that they have places to attach things like flash drives, dongles, and phone chargers. There were several people who said their older laptops had a tendency to overheat, but when they use this cooling pad, they haven’t had any problems with overheating.

Though there were a lot of glowing laptop cooling pad reviews, there were a some customers who were disappointed with this purchase. People would have liked to have been able to turn off the blue LEDs. Some people found the lights to be distracting and even unnecessary.

There were a few people who didn’t like that this featured a metal construction. They pointed out that if you were to put the pad on a table or counter and slid it around, it would scratch the surface and leave a black mark.

Best 17 Inch Laptop Cooling Pad

Here are our top picks for the best 17 inch laptop cooling pad:

Winner: Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad

The Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad is a large laptop cooling pad that’ll accommodate devices that range from 12-inches to 17-inches. While you’re playing or working, you can adjust the fan settings so that one, some, or all 5 of the fans are operating. Notable features of the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad include:

  • You can plug your USB compatible devices into the dual USB hub so you don’t have to worry about using up the USB ports on your device
  • Super quiet fans create a noise-free & interference-free environment for you
  • 5 Built-in fans with Blue LEDs, two On/Off switches to control 5 fans and LEDs simultaneously
  • Dual USB hub allows for connecting more USB devices
  • Ergonomic stand with 6 adjustable height settings
  • Two stoppers on the front to prevent laptop from falling off
  • Keeps 12''-17'' laptop cool

The amount of air this pad puts out will keep your laptop nice and cool so that you can use the laptop for longer periods without the unit overheating. Don’t worry about noise pollution while operating the fans because they are virtually silent and won’t distract you while you work.

This pad is adjustable and features 6 different height levels. It’s recommended that for those long stretches of laptop use, you put the pad on the highest height setting to maximize air flow. The front of the pad features stoppers so your hardware won’t slide off.

When looking at what people had to say about the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad, they had great things to say. Customers appreciate having the ability to control the fans and choose how many fans operate, but they were also impressed by how much cool air the pad generates. People like that this pad is lightweight but it is durable enough for everyday use.

Many appreciate that they can adjust the height of the cooling pad because they can lay in bed and watch movies and then adjust the height when they need more airflow to keep the laptop cool.

At the other end of the reviews for this cooling pad, there were some people who were disappointed with their purchase. People were upset that the pad wasn’t large enough to accommodate a 17 inch laptop.

One person said their 17.3-inch laptop hung over quite a bit when they tried using this product. Other customers said the fans either do not create enough air to keep their laptop cool, or the fans were too noisy and they couldn’t concentrate on their work while the fans were on.

Runner-Up: Thermaltake Massive Aluminum Panel Cooling Pad

The Thermaltake Massive Aluminum Panel Cooling Pad is product that looks sleek and professional. The aluminum doesn’t hold the heat and when you combine that with two 120 millimeter cooling fans that are attached to sensors, your laptop isn’t going to overheat while you use it. Notable features of the Thermaltake Massive Aluminum Panel Cooling Pad include:

  • Dual 120mm temperature regulated fans allowing manual/automatic adjust the fan speed
  • Adjustable temperature sensor monitoring up to 4 different areas
  • Easy and smart multi-function display panel include lock button and fan control
  • 3 year warranty for parts and labor

There are two adjustable dials that you can use to change the speed at which the fans operate. If you forget to turn the fans to a higher speed, don’t worry! The fans are connected to sensors that will automatically turn the fans on once the sensors get too hot, thus protecting your laptop from overheating.

For those who are concerned about too much noise being generated from the high-powered fans, you can rest easy. The fans create 31 dBA sound, which is equivalent to a quiet night outdoors.

Though the cooling pad requires one of the USB ports on your laptop to work, the pad has two extra USB ports on the top so you can plug in charging cables for the phone, your camera, and other devices.

When looking at what people had to say about the Thermaltake Massive Aluminum Panel Cooling Pad, they had great things to say. People like that they can play the latest games for hours without experiencing any heat-related changes in game play.

Customers appreciate the overall look and construction of the cooling pad, stating it’s the best laptop cooling pad for MacBook Pro for the price. Customers have also mentioned that they were happy this came with a 3 year warranty, which just reinforces that this is a quality product that the company stands behind.

For some customers, this cooling pad simply didn’t live up to expectations. A few people said their laptop heated up, even though the fans were on the highest setting. Some people pointed out that since the pad is limited to how high it can be adjusted, there isn’t enough air being circulated.

This is especially true if you were to sit in bed and use it. Others felt the fans made too much noise and they couldn’t use the cooling pad for long periods of time because the noise was distracting.

What Features To Look For In The Best Laptop Cooling Pad

A laptop cooling pad is an essential piece of equipment if you use your laptop for demanding programs like games, video editing, or programming. When you are considering cooling pad options, you’re going to want to take a few things into consideration. The first is what kind of pad you need: one with fans or without.

Cooling pads without fans generally use a heat-resistant material like aluminum. Fan-less cooling pads aren’t really effective because they rely on you leaving enough space for air to flow around the laptop. Some stands will even have raised grooves or bumps that will help with airflow.

We recommend getting a cooling pad with fans because they’ll be more effective at keeping your device cool. Just remember that more fans doesn’t necessarily mean the cooling pad will work better. You will want to be mindful of the CFM, or cubic feet per minute. The higher the CFM, the more airflow there is. The more airflow there is, the cooler your laptop will be.

Other features you will want to take into consideration include:


The beauty of using a laptop is being able to use it whenever and wherever you are. Your laptop pad should allow you to position it so that you are comfortable while using it. Look for pads that have different height options, but also one that’ll support the laptop’s size and weight in various positions and angles.


No one wants to work on a flimsy surface, so you’ll want to make sure your laptop is made from quality materials. This could be either metal, aluminum, plastic, or a combination of these materials. Also, make sure the fans on The pad are between 90 to 130 millimeters in diameter and can reach speeds of at least 1000 RPM.

Vent Alignment

There’s no point in having a cooling pad if the vents don’t line up with your laptop. We recommend looking for a cooling pad that has adjustable fans if your laptop has awkwardly placed vents.


Naturally, the size of your laptop cooling pad should be relative to the size of your laptop. There’s no point in having a pad that is too small because it isn’t going to be able to work effectively. Even if you choose a larger cooling pad for a smaller laptop, there’s no guarantee the vents will line up correctly.

Additional USB Ports

A cooling pad will take up one of the USB ports on your laptop, so it’s nice to have a cooling pad with a USB hub so that you can use flash drives, printers, and even charge other electronic devices while working on your laptop.


Much of our lives revolve around technology and computers. We are always glued to our computer screens, either for work, networking, or just to relax. If you’re like us, our laptops are our tools of choice because we can work from wherever we want without a desk.

To keep our laptops working properly, we are firm believers in having the best laptop cooling pad on hand. All of these cooling pads are worth investing in, but we feel the CM Storm Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is the best option because it has multiple fans, USB ports, and height adjustment options.

If you’re not a gamer and just need an everyday cooling pad, the Kootek Adjustable Laptop Cooling Pad is a great option. It’s a lot like the CM Storm, except the Kootek has two additional height options and has 5 fans instead of a single fan.

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you use your laptop for the most. Are you an avid gamer? Are you a prolific programmer? Or are you just someone who wants to keep their laptop in optimal working condition? We’d love to hear from you!

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