Why Does My Laptop Battery Drain So Fast?

Chris Campbell13 Mar 2022

Does your laptop's battery drain quickly? There are several possible causes, and thankfully, many of them are easy to fix.

One of the most common causes of a laptop battery that drains quickly is an outdated battery that needs to be replaced. Furthermore, while running resource-intensive apps or when the battery settings are not optimal, your battery may deplete fast. 

This problem can potentially be exacerbated by peripherals that demand less or more power to function on your laptop. When the laptop's power button led is illuminated, it uses electricity. Although these are tiny amounts, they can pile up over time. Or you may have a single peripheral that is rapidly draining your battery without your knowledge.

Identifying the cause of your laptop's battery dying so quickly is critical to resolving the issue.

Why Does My New Laptop Battery Die So Fast?

Imagine this: your laptop battery is brand new. You've been browsing the web for about an hour when you get a notification telling you to plug your laptop in before it dies. If modern laptop batteries can retain a charge for several hours, you might be puzzled as to why your laptop battery dies so quickly.

Various default settings, applications, and programs on your laptop that are intended to improve your experience will frequently drain your battery needlessly. Settings like brightness and power plan, as well as other elements like bloatware and background programs, might all be adding to your battery dying rapidly.

By adjusting these settings, you should be able to protect your battery from dying too soon. However, if the battery continues to deplete too rapidly, there might be a problem with the battery itself.

Laptop Battery Drains Fast: Fix the Issue

Is your laptop's battery depleting in a much shorter time? A laptop battery might deplete quickly for a variety of reasons. Factors such as excessive display brightness, the system installing a significant number of unwanted apps and processes, an outdated battery, etc.  Whatever the cause, there are certainly solutions to your laptop battery dying quickly.

Adjust the brightness of the screen.

The display is one of the main components that draw power from the battery. As a result, adjusting this setting is the first step in resolving your laptop battery draining quickly. The brightness settings could be found on the taskbar shortcuts or by using the function keys to boost or reduce the brightness.

Alternatively, you may do the following:

  • Go to Settings, then click System.
  • Navigate to Display and adjust the screen brightness to your liking.
  • Keep in mind that setting it too high can cause your laptop's battery to drain faster.

Turn off the laptop keyboard's backlight.

Backlighting on the keyboard is a feature seen in certain high-end laptops. While it might assist you in typing in the dark, it can also pose complications such as the laptop battery emptying quickly. To correct this, use the keyboard keys Function + F5 to modify the brightness.

You may also do it from the settings:

  • Navigate to the Control Center of your system.
  • Go to Mouse and Keyboard.
  • Disable this feature by going to the "Keyboard Backlight" section and unchecking the box.

Modify the power settings.

Any recent changes to your system's Power settings may also be to blame for laptop battery issues. Theoretically, it could happen with any brand of laptop and is easily fixed:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Choose System.
  • Adjust the settings for sleep and screen time when the system is turned on or hibernated by clicking Power & Sleep.
  • You may also navigate to "Additional Power Settings" from here if you want to run an optimized or balanced plan on the laptop. You can also select to establish your power plan.

HP Laptop Battery Draining Fast

Laptops allow users to access computers regardless of where they are. As useful as this is, battery life is a common issue with most laptops. Although you are charging your laptop as often as possible, you could still end up with a laptop battery that depletes so rapidly.

Discharged or Outdated Battery

It's easy to tell whether your HP laptop battery is outdated. To begin, make sure your laptop is charging and has a full charge. Then, follow the steps below to assess the health of your battery:

  • Select "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu.
  • From the control panel, go to "Power Options" and then to the "Power Meter" tab.
  • Disconnect your laptop for 10 minutes while it is still running.
  • If your battery has been depleted by 10% within 10 minutes, it may be time for a replacement battery.

Excessive Use of External Devices

If you have a new battery but it appears to be draining quickly, the external devices you are connecting to your laptop may be the source of the problem. To relieve some of the strain on your battery, unplug all unnecessary peripherals.

Why Is My Dell Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

The portability of a laptop is one of its most appealing features, allowing you to work anywhere. You only need a full battery laptop and a charger, and you're all set. But for anybody who uses a laptop daily, there's nothing more terrifying than a drained battery. Picture this: you're cramming for a deadline and all of a sudden, your laptop battery dies.  Ugh, so frustrating!

One of the most common problems that laptop users confront is battery health. The issue is that certain batteries deplete far too quickly than they should. An outdated or depleted battery is one of the most prevalent causes of laptop battery failure. If your laptop's battery is old, it is likely that it can be easily depleted and that it is time to replace it. 

Here are some of the reasons why your Dell laptop drains quickly:

  • Too many processes working in the background
  • Intensive and energy-draining applications
  • System configurations
  • Display brightness that is too high
  • Too many internet and network connections
  • Faulty driver 
  • Corrupted firmware 
  • Excessive peripheral devices connected

If you've seen a decrease in battery backup on your laptop compared to when you first started using it, there are many reasons for it. What you might think as simple settings or light computing tasks might be putting a strain on your battery. As a result, it drains faster and performs poorer. However, you do not need to be concerned since there are a few simple ways to stop your battery from draining quickly.

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