How To Protect Keyboard on 2 in 1 Laptop

Chris Campbell11 Mar 2022

A 2 in 1 laptop is a portable computer that has the functionality of both a tablet and a laptop. It combines the operating system, keyboard, touchscreen, and other useful components of both devices into a single machine. When you spend your money on the finest 2 in 1 laptop, you also need to take care of its components like the keyboard and touchscreen so that you may use it for a long time without experiencing any problems.

Here are some ways to protect your keyboard:

  • Set your laptop down on a flat surface. When using your 2-in-1 laptop as a tablet, keep it on a solid table-like surface. This will preserve your keyboard.
  • Make use of a keyboard cover. Use a keyboard cover to protect your keyboard from dirt and grime.
  • Before you switch on the laptop, wash your hands. Ensure that your hands are nice and clean before turning on your laptop. Dirt might build up over time.
  • Make use of compressed air. To keep the keyboard clean, clear any dust that has accumulated inside the keyboard's holes. In such a case, canned air can be used to remove the dust from the keyboard.
  • Don't use the same keys all the time. Some people, such as gamers, often utilize the same keyboard keys. In this instance, the keys are most likely damaged. Maintain a balance between the keys you use frequently.
  • Never drink or eat while using your laptop. Some people have a bad habit of drinking or eating while working on their laptops. If liquid or something sticky falls inside the keyboard, it can be damaged.
  • Don't push too hard on the keys. Some people apply additional pressure on the keys when typing or playing games, which might harm the keys.
  • Avoid putting undue strain on the TouchPad. Because the touchpad is the most sensitive component of the keyboard, avoid using it with excessive pressure.

Protect Laptop Screen From the Keyboard

The most sensitive portion of your valued technology, your laptop's Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen, can be easily damaged. Proper care is required to guarantee that the laptop screen is not scratched or damaged. Unfortunately, if you're not cautious, keyboard rub marks that develop over time could leave a laptop screen nearly useless. So, how can you keep your laptop screen from being scratched by your keyboard?

Screen Protector

Getting a screen protector for your laptop is one answer to this problem. Screen protectors are extremely useful items to have since, as the name implies, they protect your computer's display from scratching, streaks, and other types of damage that could happen. Without them, there's a good possibility you'll damage the display of the laptop you've spent a lot of money on, which you surely don't want.

Screen protectors come in two varieties - plastic and tempered glass. Plastic ones are less expensive, but they are prone to scratches and do not cover the full screen. Tempered glass protectors are incredibly scratch resistant and can completely cover your display, although they are a little more expensive.

Microfiber Cloth

If you want an inexpensive option, you can instead use a microfiber cloth and place it between your laptop's keyboard and screen every time you close your lid. It serves a dual purpose; guarding your screen against keyboard marks and acting as a cleaning tool.

Protect the Keyboard When Laptop Used as a Tablet

When you're using the 2-in-1 keyboard in tablet mode, you need to make sure that you configure it correctly to protect the keys. Failing to do so may result in the keys being depressed as a result of the force exerted on them. When operating with the keyboard in tablet mode, the keys will usually be at the rear. While this enables easier navigation while working, it may lead to damage to the keys.  So, how can you keep your keyboard safe when in tablet mode?

Use a Keyboard Cover

Getting a keyboard cover is an easy way to safeguard your keyboard in tablet mode. Typically, a sleeve case will be useful and will suit most keyboards, and you can always get a good quality one at most places. When using your laptop in tablet mode, the sleeve covers keep the keyboard from sliding and shield it from dirt. When in tablet mode, you must place the cover beneath the laptop in your working area.  Typically, the keyboard cover aids in preventing the keyboard from getting in contact with the surroundings. It reduces or eliminates dust from entering the keyboard, minimizing the need to clean it regularly. It also avoids the need to replace the keyboard due to dust build-up.

Work in a Clean, Smooth, and Flat Surface

Another approach to safeguard your keyboard is to keep your work surface clean, smooth, and flat. When working, a smooth surface provides the necessary comfort. When in tablet mode, it helps to keep the keyboard from slipping. Maintaining a clean surface prevents debris and grime from entering the keyboard. A soft surface is useful for ensuring that no excessive pressure is applied to the keys while working.

How To Protect Your Computer Keyboard on a Flipbook Laptop

One of the most significant components of your laptop is the keyboard. Though you may also use the trackpad or a mouse with your laptop, the keyboard allows you to type, enter instructions, and execute operations. So, how can you safeguard your keyboard? The solution is to use a keyboard cover.

A keyboard cover is a thin piece of plastic, polyurethane, or silicone that is put on top of a laptop keyboard. They are made to fit into keyboards. Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a keyboard protector:

  • It guards your keyboard against dirt and spills.
  • Reduce the number of keyboard clicks.
  • It makes cleaning your keyboard easier.
  • Prevents overheating.
  • It guards against wear and tears on your keyboard.
  • Protects your screen by preventing scratches. Although the cover can leave marks, they are easy to remove.

Your keyboard plays an integral role in performing computing tasks so making sure that you’re doing whatever you can to protect it or extend its life should be a top priority.

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