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Chris Campbell29 Jan 2022

Knowing when and how to capture a screenshot is swiftly becoming a vital skill and a part of our everyday life, given the increasing number of individuals who work remotely. If you want to learn how to take a screenshot whether, for professional or personal reasons, you've come to the right place (or page rather). 

A screenshot is a picture of what is actually displayed on your computer screen. In this day and era of technology, one could go on about the importance of screenshots. We've all heard that an image is more attention-grabbing and interesting than long prose, and the development of screenshots is proof of that.

Imagine you want input from your coworkers on a new website you created or perhaps you want them to look at a digital ad campaign you made. Your coworkers might check it through and make a list of all the adjustments and enhancements that could be done, or to make it easier, they could simply grab a screenshot, note the areas that want changes, and email it along. The latter is significantly more straightforward and productive.

Screenshots are also useful when you need to report an issue.  Whenever you submit an issue, the IT or Tech Support team usually requests a screenshot. Sharing a screenshot makes it much simpler for the support team to figure out what's wrong and how to fix the problem.

But it isn't all. Suppose you're creating step-by-step instructions for new software or business process for your team. All you have to do is capture screenshots to demonstrate how it's done. Rather than wasting your time and effort writing a lengthy instruction manual, you can just highlight and caption your images to guide them through the process. It’s quick and easy, plus the visual guides will be much more effective.

Having said that, a screenshot is a nice resource or tool whether you use it in your personal life or professionally.  If you have a Dell laptop and you want to know how to screenshot on your computer, keep reading.

How To Screenshot on Dell Laptop Keyboard

There are numerous simple methods for taking a screenshot on your Dell laptop. Regardless of your laptop's model or series, the procedures listed below will work for all of them. Here's how to take a screenshot using your keyboard keys.

The actual label may differ from model to model, however, Dell laptops often label the Print Screen key as 'Prt Sc.' This key, often known as F10, is located at the upper row of your keyboard. This key may be positioned next to the 'Delete' key on some Dell computers. You may grab your screen in various dimensions by using specific key combinations and the Print Screen key. This solution is fully compatible with Windows 10. 

If you need to grab the full screen at once, hit the Windows key and the Prt Sc key at the same time. Your display will blink for a second, indicating that a snapshot was effectively taken.

If you want to grab a single active window, just press the window you want to grab and afterward press Alt + Prt Sc at the same time. 

Finally, to snap screenshots of all active windows just hit Prt Sc.

When you capture a snapshot on your Dell laptop, the picture is transferred to the clipboard. Copy it and paste it into a graphical editing program like MS Paint before clicking Save.

How To Screenshot on Dell Laptop and Paste it on an Image Editor

If you want to paste a screenshot on an image editor and save it as a file, you just need to hit one key on your keyboard.

First, navigate to the screen you wish to capture a screenshot of. While on that screen, hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard once. This will take a snapshot of the full screen and copy it to your clipboard. Next, use an image editor such as Paint to paste your screenshot using Ctrl+V. You can then edit and save your screenshot. And that’s it.

If you want your screenshot to be in PNG format, you just need to use an extra key in conjunction with the Print Screen button.  To begin, select the screen you wish to capture a screenshot of. Tap the Windows+Print Screen keys on your keyboard at the same time. This takes a snapshot of your screen and stores it in PNG format.

How To Screenshot on Dell Laptop Windows 10

If you need to take screenshots on your laptop, Windows 10 provides a number of options. Whether you need to capture the full screen or only a portion of it, here are a few options:

If you want to tweak, add comments, or share your screenshots, Snip & Sketch is the finest method to capture your Windows 10 screen. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + Shift + S to launch Snip & Sketch. Your screen will darken, and a little menu will emerge on top, allowing you to grab a screenshot using a rectangle, free-form, or even a full-screen image.

Once you take a screenshot, it is stored in your clipboard and a preview notice appears in the bottom right of your screen. Click the preview alert to launch the Snip & Sketch app and tweak the screenshot with the various sketching tools before deciding to save or share it.

Although Snip & Sketch will ultimately replace the Snipping Tool, you could still take screenshots using this on Windows 10.  To use the Snipping Tool, you should first find it using the search bar. To grab your screen, tap the "New" button after customizing it with the "Mode" button. You may also use the "Delay" dropdown option to postpone your capture for up to five seconds. When you capture a screenshot, it will appear in a new tab where you could add comments, save or share them.

How To Screenshot on Dell Laptop Keyboard That Has No Print Screen Key

Certain Dell laptops may not feature a Print Screen Key, which is done to save space and make the laptop slimmer and smaller for maximum portability.  There's no need to panic if your Dell laptop lacks a Print Screen key. It would still be able to capture a screenshot.

All you have to do is locate the Fn or Function key. If you already know where it is, hit the Fn key + Windows key + Space Bar at the same time. This, like tapping the Print Screen key, will capture a snapshot of your entire screen.

Grabbing a screenshot using your Dell laptop can be done in a blink of an eye. It's really quite simple so the next time you need to take a screenshot, don't panic! Remember that you can do it with just one push of a button and if you're scared of pressing the wrong one, you can always use the handy screengrab tools built-in in your laptop or find one online.

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